Biology Chemistry Agricultural Science

Associate in Science

Agriculture is one of the largest long-term industries in the nation. It provides a multitude of food products, alternative energies and the protection of environmental resources. Interested in a “Green” career? Then, our program is for you! Our program provides you with a strong foundation in the biological and physical sciences. You will also learn the disciplines of plant and animal science, as well as fundamental knowledge in genetics and microbiology.

Our Agricultural Science option prepares you for advanced studies or specialization at a 4-year institution. Students who obtain an Associate’s Degree may pursue careers such as, but not limited to GPS/GIS technicians, chemical dealers or farm managers.

Biology Chemistry Agricultural Science
    Marissa Warner, Penns Grove High School Class of 2019

    "As an incoming college student, I feel like SCC was the best choice for me! I’m very excited to see what this school has in store for me! While here, I hope to meet new people, make new memories, but most importantly, gain as much knowledge as I can to further my education at a larger university/college. After my time at SCC, I plan on completing my Bachelors degree in either Biology or Environmental Science in hopes of becoming an Animal or Wildlife Biologist!"

    -- Marissa Warner, Penns Grove High School Class of 2019

    Students have successfully transferred to:

    • Arcadia University
    • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology
    • Rowan University
    • Rutgers University - New Brunswick

    Students who complete the Biology/Chemistry - Agriculture Science program who go on to earn a bachelor degree may find employment in occupations such as:

    • Natural Sciences Managers
    • Clinical Research Coordinators
    • Chemical Engineers
    • Biochemical Engineers
    • Food Scientists and Technologists
    • Soil and Plant Scientists
    • Biochemists and Biophysicists
    • Chemists
    • Materials Scientists
    • Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health
    • Chemical Technicians
    • Geological Sample Test Technicians
    • Forensic Science Technicians
    • Chemistry Teachers, Postsecondary
    • Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Education
    • Museum Technicians and Conservators
    AGR101Introduction to Agriculture Science3$0.00$615.00$615.00
    BIO101General Biology I4$144.00$820.00$964.00
    ENG101English Composition I3$0.00$615.00$615.00
    HUM-ELECHumanities Elective3$0.00$615.00$615.00
    PSY101General Psychology3$0.00$615.00$615.00
    Subtotal: $3,424.00*
    * - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.


    AGR111Animal Science4$144.00$820.00$964.00
    BIO102General Biology II4$144.00$820.00$964.00
    ENG102English Composition II3$0.00$615.00$615.00
    HUM/SOC-ELECHumanities/Social Science Elective3$0.00$615.00$615.00
    Subtotal: $3,074.00*
    * - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.


    AGR121Plant Science4$144.00$820.00$964.00
    CHM101College Chemistry I4$144.00$820.00$964.00
    MAT231Calculus I4$0.00$820.00$820.00
    PHY101Physics I4$144.00$820.00$964.00
    Subtotal: $3,712.00*
    * - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.


    CHM102College Chemistry II4$144.00$820.00$964.00
    BIO213General Ecology3$0.00$615.00$615.00
    PHY102Physics II4$144.00$820.00$964.00
    Subtotal: $3,074.00*
    * - Subtotal is cost before any anticipated financial aid is applied.


    Total Program Cost: $13,284.00*

    * - Tuition is based on the current in-county rate.
    ** - Elective tuition and fees may vary depending upon actual course selection.