International Flameworking Conference

The International Flameworking Conference, other known as the I.F.C., is held annually in the spring. This several day conference, chaired by the world renowned glass artist Paul J. Stankard, begins at Salem Community College's main campus and continues with many live demonstrations at the Samuel H. Jones Glass Education Center. Each year the College features an artist that has demonstrated unique and creative techniques throughout their career. Salem Community College and the SCC Foundation are indebted to these distinguished members of the glass art community who have graciously shared their talents as featured artists at the International Flameworking Conference.


Check out this video to learn more about the 2017 IFC and view scenes from the 2014-2016 conferences.


Past Featured Artist:

Eusheen Goines (2016) – U.S.A.

Junichi Kojima & David Willis (2015) – U.S.A.

Joyce J. Scott (2014) - U.S.A.

Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen (2014) - U.S.A.

Vittorio Costantini (2013) - Italy

Jay Musler (2012) - U.S.A.

Laura Donefer & Gianni Toso (2011) – Canada & Italy/U.S.A.

Paul J. Stankard (2010) - U.S.A.

Shane Fero (2009) - U.S.A.

Carmen Lozar (2008) - U.S.A.

Loren Stump (2007) - U.S.A.

Ginny Ruffner (2006) - U.S.A.

Iwao Matsushima (2005) - Japan

Cesare Toffolo (2004) - Italy

Kari Russell-Pool (2003) - U.S.A.

Lucio Bubacco (2002) - Italy

Robert Mickelsen (2001) - U.S.A.