Issues of Equity

Equality and Equity are not synonyms. The below illustration demonstrates the differences – on the left side is equality (all get the same thing) versus equity (each getting what they need). Equality is nice, but not always functional in providing someone what is needed for their success. Salem Community College strives for equity.

The recent Supreme Court ruling banning Affirmative Action as criteria for college admission will challenge higher education’s quest for equity and diversity. Your Salem Community College is an open enrollment institution, accepting applicants, with the exception of select programs, such as Nursing. While Affirmative Action may have no direct impact upon us as a college, we remain committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging for our students, employees and community. We will continue to embrace students’ individual needs, whether it be additional tutoring, learning accommodations, or financial support.

Years of Affirmative Action have sparked controversy. As we find our equilibrium conforming to the Supreme Court decision, let’s not forget that centuries of discrimination brought about the need for affirmative action and seek justice for all. Your Salem Community College will remain conscious of our responsibilities of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging, while remaining the affordable, quality, empowering, and personalized educational opportunity.