Ask More of ‘24

New Year’s Day is reserved for college bowl games, dismantling some of the Christmas décor, and reflecting on the year that has concluded while dreaming of the potential in the year ahead.  Often, we frame our thinking by acknowledging our failed resolutions from the previous annum, and trying to find a clever way to reword them to be more attainable this year.  Or we just watch the parades, the games, have a nice dinner, and get ready for the work week ahead.

What I am asking is that we do more in ’24.  This time around, let’s make it work.  Like most folks, I have a list of resolutions that are reminiscent of the ones I made last year, and the year before, and the year before that.  Losing those elusive 10 pounds always makes a good staple for this year’s batch of goals.  If this year is like any other year, on December 31st I will be rewriting it again for 2025.

Do more in ’24:  BE NICE.  Let’s start by just being nice to one another.  It’s not that much to ask – BE NICE.  Think of the nicest person you know and every time you are placed in a challenging situation, use that nice person as the overlay for coping with the challenge before you.  I always think of my Aunt Bernadette and wonder how she would address circumstances that are making me think twice about being nice.  So far it has worked, with a few exceptions.

Do more in ’24:  BE KIND.  In my office, I have one of those painted pieces of wood with clever expressions that simply says:  IN A WORLD WHERE YOU CAN BE ANYTHING – BE KIND.  How much does it take to be kind?  To hold the door for someone?  To ask “How are you?” and actually wait for an answer?  To bid good morning (afternoon or evening) to someone you randomly pass on the sidewalk?  There are a host of ways to be kind; try them all.

Do more in ’24: BE CHARITABLE.  You don’t have to become a major donor to the College, but think about tipping your gas station attendant a dollar.  Round up for your dry cleaner.  Put an extra $5 toward the charity of your choice.  And the one that is most controversial, pass a dollar on to that homeless person you pass when you go to (fill in the blank) and don’t excuse yourself by saying they would only use it to buy (drugs/liquor/cigarettes…).  You will be surprised how good you will feel when you are charitable to others.

Nice, Kind, Charitable – our mantra for 2024.  Let’s make ’24 our best year yet!