Alfred University

Salem Community College has established a transfer articulation agreement with Alfred University. The agreement guarantees admission with full junior standing into the Alfred University B.F.A. degree program to students who:

  • Graduate from SCC with an Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) degree in glass art,
  • Have achieved a minimum overall grade point average of 2.75 for all courses taken,
  • Complete the required portfolio submission and receive an acceptable rating on the portfolio rubric. This portfolio submission should include 3 observational drawings and 12 other pieces in any medium.

Alfred University will accept individual course credits for courses awarded a C or higher. Alfred will accept all credits required for the SCC Associate in Fine Arts in Glass Art degree, in transfer, in fulfillment of requirements for the bachelor’s degree. The number of credits that must be taken through the Alfred degree completion program for B.F.A. must be a minimum total of 128 through SCC and Alfred. Alfred’s graduation requirements for the program stipulate that a portion of these credits, to be determined by Alfred, must be completed in residence on the Alfred main campus. Alfred will accept a limit of 75 transfer credits, but a minimum of 70 credits must still be completed at Alfred.

Students considering transfer should consult their advisor. For information about Alfred University, visit