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A new season, a new team

The Philadelphia Eagles, let me adjust that, the World Champion Philadelphia Eagles, are on the brink of starting a new season.  What is the yin and yang of professional football is that each season is truly new.  You don’t necessarily have all the same players as circumstances evolve, and you go into the year with all the energy that

The Golden Ticket for a Golden Opportunity

Education is the solution to every problem.  Simply put, we believe that every problem facing us as a society, as an individual, and as a culture, can be solved with education.  Knowledge is power, and education is the access to knowledge.

Putting the “Community” in Salem Community College

Over the last few editions of this blog, of which I promise to be more attentive in the future, I have talked about “community.”  Often I joke about the fact that in Salem County there are not six degrees of separation, only two; and we are just “one big small town.”  The connectivity of the county is remarkable.  What is even mor

Salem C-O-M-M-U-N-I-T-Y College

Salem County is one large small town.  Often we say the rest of the world has six degrees of separation, but Salem County only needs two.  Most of us are connected by as few as two other people.

Season of Learning

We often look at January as a bleak month.  Some refer to February as the “longest month” when the calendar contradicts their perception.   Winter is about grey doldrums.  No one references a beautiful January morning, or a majestic February sunset.  Once the luster of Christmas and New Year’s have worn off, we go into a

No One Should be Hungry

The holidays always bring out the generosity in us.  When you go by the Salvation Army kettle and hear that bell, you immediately look to contribute your loose change for the benefit of the needy.  When we learn of a destitute family, the response is overwhelming.  For that spell just before Thanksgiving and just beyond Christmas,

The Man in the Pink Jacket 10-27-17

SCC is about to lose some of its fashion luster.  Dr. Eric Pellegrino, Vice President of Academic Affairs, will be retiring shortly.    

Knowing Why?

There is an urban (or collegiate) legend about the philosophy professor who came into the classroom for the final exam, passed out the blue books (you can tell my age), wrote on the board, “Why?” and left the room without a word.  Students who used only one page of the blue book with the response, “Why not?” received A’s.  The rest wer

Remembering What Counts

On the evening of September 11th, Peter Jennings asserted, “Most of us won’t know someone who was lost today, but we know someone who knew someone who was lost today.”  Of course, he was referring to the terrorist attack upon the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the crash of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.  He was right.

How do you talk about race?

There are many difficult conversations we encounter in this world, not least of which is about race.  Race, or at least ethnicity, has been an issue for several millennia.  If you weren’t born to the right tribe during the “pre-historic” era, you were an enemy.