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The Mighty Oaks (Sports) Return to SCC

When I was announced as the 8th president of your Salem Community College the questions began. “Will you bring back sports?” Judiciously, I responded, “We will take a look, but no promises.” And that’s just what happened, we took a look.

A Year of New Beginnings

Schools are wonderful for many reasons. First, they are bastions of learning and there is nothing more sacred for educators than learning. Education is the solution to every problem. Everything on the planet that can be improved, resolved, or imagined with adequate learning experiences.


When I was young, I remember my parents telling me to avoid certain neighborhoods after dark, don’t accept rides from strangers, and hold tight to my wallet. Simple safeguards for my safety. No one had to say, “Be careful going to schools, churches, synagogues, movies, malls, and a college campus.” But today, we realize differently.

Happy New Year FY 20 (7-1-2019)

It arrives without celebration. It arrives quietly; at least it normally arrives quietly. In keeping
with our agrarian tradition, we began our fiscal year on July 1. When the state budget is resolved
before midnight on June 30, as was the case this year, the New Fiscal Year is somewhat

We are more than a Tree

Sadly, the Salem Oak succumbed to years of ill health on Thursday. Estimates hold the tree to be 500 or 600 years old, which is rather remarkable. White oak trees are known for their strength and longevity, but this was exceptional. Immediately upon the crash, which, thankfully, injured no one, the social network went into action.

Commencing in 2019, One Student’s Story

When Commencement exercises are complete, when the last graduate leaves the building, when the Operations staff knocks down the stage and the audience chairs, we, as the College personnel, have a chance to breathe knowing that we have another one “in the books.”   For us, who have done this before, we tend to debrief and compare 2018 (

Tuition Increase

I was going to title this Blog, The Case for a Modest Tuition Increase, but that may not be true for all. What I may consider a “modest” tuition increase may not be such for some students and families. However, we are faced with the reality of running the College.

The Value of Education

Thank you “Varsity Blues”

Points of Pride at SCC

Sometimes, when we are caught in our day-to-day routine, we lose track of the good things taking place around us. For example:

What's new at SCC for 2019?

Welcome to 2019!  May it be your best year yet.  On campus, it promises to be an exciting year.