Ariel Heibel

Scientific Glass Technology, A.A.S., 2010

Interviewed by Tracy Wiggins

Ariel Heibel - Scientific Glass Technology, A.A.S., 2010

Why did you choose SCC?

I have lived in Salem County my whole life. After attending Salem County Vocational Technical High School, I wanted to further my education and still live at home, so I chose SCC. My next choice was a degree; I began looking into what SCC had to offer and came across Scientific Glass Technology. After talking to a few faculty members, I was convinced to pursue this degree.

Also, my mother attended SCC and two of my sisters currently attend SCC. After seeing my mother graduate with her associate degree and still have the ability to pay for school and take care of all my sisters and myself, I knew it was the most economical decision I could make. The greatest thing about SCC is it gives students the opportunity to earn a degree with the comfort of knowing they will not be in deep debt after they get out of college.


What is your most important achievement during your years at SCC?

My most important achievement during my years at SCC is gaining experience of scientific glass blowing thanks to my wonderful teacher, Dennis Briening.


What are your career plans?

My plan is to further my education in biology/chemistry at Rowan University. Then after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I plan to pursue a career in both Scientific Glass and Biology/Chemistry.


What advice do you offer to prospective students?

Once you set your goal always pursue it and stay focused and organized.


Is there anything else you would like to share?

In today’s society, with an increasing number of applicants for each job opening, higher education has become necessary to gain a competitive edge as a potential employee. Therefore, an education from a community college like SCC is a great step toward pursing a profitable and rewarding career.