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Online Course Requirements

Some courses require the use of third party programs such as; Canvas, Connect, Launch Pad, Mind Tap, etc... These programs may use additional programs and/or have specific technology requirements. It is the responsibility of you, the student, to make sure you meet these requirements before signing up for a course. If you need assistance checking your technology requirements, please contact the Help Desk at (856)351-2671 or email helpdesk@salemcc.edu.

Below are some courses with a list of the technology requirements. Please note that this information is subject to change,



BUS114 online Keyboarding and Word Processing minimum technology requirements:
Windows 7 or higher;
Microsoft Office 2016;
The browser should be FireFox 3.5 or Internet Explorer 10 or higher;
There should be at least 512 MB of RAM;
Processor 1ghz or higher;
Adobe Flash v10;
Microsoft Word 2007 or higher



*** CSC115 online requires Windows 7 or higher and Microsoft Office 2016 ***

*** SCC can provide enrolled students with a copy of Office 2016, please see your instructor ***

*** Chromebook devices are NOT compatible with software required for this course ***