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Remembering Dr. Willetta Mulhorn

Remembering Dr. Willetta Mulhorn

With deep gratitude, we fondly remember Dr. Willetta “Willie” Mulhorn, interim president of Salem Community College in 1996-1997, who has passed away.  

A review of SCC’s history would not be complete without a salute to Dr. Mulhorn’s dynamic leadership.  She helped the SCC family restore its faith in the College’s mission.  She gave all stakeholders strong hope that SCC was moving in the right direction. Using the professional network that she had established previously as the Salem County Superintendent of Schools and a longtime Salem County educator, Dr. Mulhorn skillfully laid the groundwork for the many successes the College achieved in the following years.  We extend our heartfelt condolences to the Mulhorn family.  

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Rest in Peace, Willie.