Financial Aid

Financial Aid General Information


WARNING: Scam artists posing as government officials are contacting students, offering additional grant funding in exchange for providing payment. These individuals are not associated with the Federal Government or the N.J. Department of Education. Please be cautious and immediately contact Salem Community College’s Financial Aid Office at 856-351-2699 with any questions or concerns.


The primary purpose of financial aid is to provide assistance to students who, without aid, would be unable to attend or remain in college. In selecting recipients of financial aid, the College places emphasis on students with the greatest financial need, as determined by a needs analysis form.

The Financial Aid Office processes and administers all federal, state, private and institutional aid received by students. Salem Community College administers financial aid under federal and state nondiscriminatory guidelines. Special federal requirements apply to foreign nationals.

SCC expects students and/or their families to make a maximum effort to help defray the costs of attending college and views financial aid as a partnership shared proportionately by the students, the family and the institution.

Three types of financial assistance are available: gift aid (grants and scholarships), loans and campus employment. Aid may be offered from one source or from a combination of sources. The primary considerations used to determine a financial situation are family income, family assets, student assets, student income, family size and the number of family members in college. The total amount of financial aid offered to students may not exceed their established need.

Please use the Net Price Calculator and the SCC Tuition Calculator to develop a broad estimate of what it might cost you to attend Salem Community College.



All records and conversations between aid applicants, their families and the Financial Aid staff are confidential and entitled to the protection given to a counseling relationship. No public announcements shall be made of amounts awarded to an individual student. No information concerning a student's financial aid records may be released to anyone outside Financial Aid without permission of the student, his/her parent(s) or the Director of Financial Aid.