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Eligibility and Applying

To apply to SCC's EOF program, follow these steps:

1.) Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at www.fafsa.ed.gov;

2.) Complete the SCC admissions process:

  • Complete admissions application online at www.salemcc.edu/apply
  • Submit high school transcript and
  • Take Accuplacer Placement Test, if needed

3.) Complete the EOF Program application;

4.) Meet the EOF state income eligibility requirements (contact SCC's EOF staff for details); and

5.) Make an interview appointment with an EOF staff member.

*Students with more than 24 credits are ineligible to participate in the EOF Program.


EOF eligibility is based on each family's gross annual income and household size as stipulated by state EOF regulations. Once eligibility has been determined, students may continue to participate in the program for a maximum of eight semesters, provided they;

  • attend classes regularly,
  • pursue and maintain an academic standard of at least a "C" average,
  • attend 3 mandatory meetings,
  • attend 3 mandatory workshops,
  • attend counseling sessions as determined by their advisor, and
  • follow the policies of the EOF Program and the College as outlined in the EOF Handbook and the Student Handbook.