The EOF Program will admit students into the Program based on clearly defined criteria. Any student applying for admission in the EOF Program must meet the following requirements:



  • Meet the established financial criteria and show evidence of historical poverty.
  • Must not be in default on a student loan.
  • Be a resident of New Jersey for at least a year.
  • Be a full-time student at Salem Community College
  • Must exhibit evidence of motivation and potential to succeed in college, although may be academically under prepared.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to benefit from the services provided by the EOF Program at Salem Community College 



The EOF application process:

  1. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA and HESAA
  2. Complete an EOF Application (stop by the EOF office)


EOF Program Services


Financial Assistance:

Fulltime students are eligible to receive a grant up to $1050 per academic year to help cover the cost of other educational fees.


Academic Advisement/Support

Students are placed in appropriate courses based on skill levels as determined by the results of the Accuplacer placement test. Once developmental courses are completed, the student and advisor work together to assure that the student is taking courses appropriate for his/her desired major and/or transfer.


Advisors are assigned to each student accepted into the program. Advisors assist students with academic, financial, social, and other services that may interfere with the attainment of their educational goals. Advisors also help with career development and the transfer process.



All students are encouraged to utilize the free tutoring services available for development and content courses in the Tutoring Lab.


Transfer Assistance

Students are assisted in the transfer process by EOF advisors, who assist with coordinating the transfer process.