About EOF

Let E.O.F. help fund your education!

The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) was created in 1968 to ensure meaningful access to higher education for those who come from backgrounds of economic and educational disadvantage. The fund assist low-income New Jersey residents who are capable and motivated, but lack adequate preparation for college. 

For more information: visit the NJ.GOV HIGHERED EOF.


Mission Statement

Salem Community College’s EOF Program is dedicated to providing access to quality education to students from financially and educationally disadvantaged families or communities who exhibit the potential for academic success. The program’s purpose is to successfully transfer students from SCC to four-year institutions, as well as provide students enrolled in certificate or degree programs a high level of preparation and readiness for the workforce. The EOF program, in collaboration with other SCC departments, provides programs and services such as: advising/counseling, career and academic planning, tutoring, supplemental instruction, developmental education, leadership development activities and mentoring.


Goals & Objectives

The EOF Program Advisory Board (PAB) is organized exclusively to comply with state PAB regulations (9A: 11-6.20, as set forth in state guidelines) through involvement with the following goals:

  • Serving as a resource during the search and selection of the campus EOF administrator/director
  • Acquainting the local and campus communities with the goals and objectives of the EOF Program
  • Reviewing admissions criteria and procedures used in recruiting EOF students
  • Being knowledgeable about institutional methods for recruiting, interviewing and screening potential students for admission into the college, who may require EOF financial assistance and/or special educational assistance
  • Serving as a resource for student mentoring, internships and employment opportunities
  • Reviewing and commenting on the institution’s program goals, objectives and outcomes