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Giving Tuesday, or Any Day

December 1, 2020 is Giving Tuesday. If ever there was a year to celebrate Giving Tuesday, it is 2020. One problem with Giving Tuesday is that every charitable organization is looking for your support, and they are all worthy (at least almost all).

Here at your Salem Community College, we are embarking on a new pathway toward philanthropy. On this Giving Tuesday, December 1st, it is the start of the Professor Reggie Smith Student Assistance Fund. Our late Professor Smith, affectionately known as “Reggie” to most of us, was a quiet benefactor. When he learned of a student in need, he discreetly made certain that the student got the meal he/she needed, had gas for the car, or received the necessary supplies. With Reggie’s passing, we realize we need to fill the gap and follow his example.

The Reggie Smith Student Assistance Fund, “The Reggie Fund” for short, will be an emergency resource for those students struggling to make ends meet. We aspire to get an operational base of $4,000, replenished regularly by those who wish to support students in need. Let’s follow the example of Professor Smith, “Reggie.” Over the last five years, I have been sending birthday cards to College personnel. From December 1st forward, rather than buy the humorous $4 card, I will make a contribution to The Reggie Fund. That will be approximately $1,000 I will provide in the name of our amazing faculty and staff.

In our new, more holistic fundraising approach, we don’t wish to “rob Peter to pay Paul” (and one day I want to be Paul). There are other areas we want to maintain our support, such as the Alumni Association Book Grant Fund which provides book grants to students with demonstrated need.

Our most prolific fundraising endeavor is the Foundation Scholars program funded by the SCC Foundation. Through this, County high school graduates with exceptional high school attendance and good grades attend SCC at half tuition. This is a point of pride here at SCC.

Soon we will broaden the scope of our fundraising. The athletic program will be seeing financial support for some well-defined supplement to the College’s support for sports. Details to follow.

Additionally, we will be seeking to create a fund for campus improvement. Our campus is a beautiful environment for learning. However, structures don’t improve with age. Also, student instructional needs evolve, and we need to evolve with them. This effort will be to augment the College’s operational support for facilities, not replace it.

Don’t restrict yourself to donating on Giving Tuesday. Every day qualifies to be a Giving Day. We urge you to contribute anything, perhaps $20, $50, $100, or pick a nice round number like $100,000 in support of your Salem Community College and its various philanthropic pursuits. Start by simply going to the DONATE button on the SCC website and pick your area of support. You are making the difference in someone’s life, and it will make you feel wonderful.

Tue, 11/24/2020 - 9:38am