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During these uncertain times, “Community” remains our middle name

First, we pray you and yours are safe and well during this Coronavirus pandemic. The priority must be the health of you and your loved ones. Heed all the warnings for they may not only save your life, but also someone you love. In an effort to continue “flattening the curve,” your Salem Community College will keep the campus closed until at least Monday, April 13th, or later, if mandated by the Governor.

This was not our target, but it is our responsibility to inhibit the spread of COVID-19. Certainly, these past 10 days have not been easy. Many students are adjusting to a different learning modality. Many instructors are making major adjustments as well, myself included. Remember, challenges only make us stronger. That may not make you smile, but it is absolutely true.

Your Salem Community College is built on the fact that we offer our students very personalized attention and that pledge will continue through this crisis. Please reach out if you have a question, a need, or to volunteer to assist others. Below are email addresses that will be helpful. We are working to plug the gaps of online instruction. Be patient with us.

Faculty and staff are working very hard under surreal circumstances. Just like our students, they are sequestered at home, tending to their professional responsibilities. None of this is easy. Be patient, but insistent as we work to meet your educational needs. Kudos to the staff working to keep the SCC family together. Character shows under the light of adversity; and this group is exemplary in their dedication to the students of SCC.

Community is our middle name. Literally, we are Salem “Community” College. As testament, we recently donated a plethora of personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and gowns, to the Salem County Emergency Management Team. Perhaps that mask from the chemistry lab will equip a medical professional to save a patient’s life. Additionally, we have volunteered to help wherever we can with materials, people, and moral support.

Questions abound, but none more common than Commencement. By April 13th we will make a determination as to our May 20th ceremony. By early next week, we hope to have some other questions answered regarding the assessments for the semester, lab coursework, and transfer assistance.

We're here for you! We’re all in this together. And together, as the SCC family, we will continue to learn and continue to be your Salem Community College.

Please check for important messages on social media, Canvas and in your inbox on a daily basis.

Students with questions may email these departments:

Academic Support Lab - tutoring@salemcc.edu
Admissions - admissions@salemcc.edu
Advising - advising@salemcc.edu
Athletics - athletics@salemcc.edu
Career Services - careerservices@salemcc.edu
EOF - eof@salemcc.edu
Financial Aid - financialaid@salemcc.edu
Food Pantry - foodpantry@salemcc.edu
General Inquires - info@salemcc.edu
Information Technology - helpdesk@salemcc.edu
Registrar - registrar@salemcc.edu
Student Accounts - studentaccounts@salemcc.edu
Testing Center - testingcenter@salemcc.edu

We're here for you!

Wed, 03/25/2020 - 2:41pm