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Spring Registration

Spring Registration


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Registering for classes is easy! Whether you are a new student or returning student, just follow these steps:



  1. Apply to SCC.
  2. Request an electronic copy of your high school, GED, and/or college transcript to be sent to admissions@salemcc.edu.
  3. Take the Accuplacer placement test virutally, if required. Our Recruiter will assist you with scheduling.
  4. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). School code: 005461
  5. Meet with an Academic Advisor virtually to register for classes.



Contact your faculty advisor to schedule a virtual advising appointment. If you are unsure of your faculty advisor, email advising@salemcc.edu.



Are you a student from another college interested in registering for courses at Salem? If so,

  1. Apply to SCC.
  2. Send an email to admissions@salemcc.edu with the following:


  • Full Name
  • Phone number, including area code
  • Email address
  • Semester you want to register
  • Course code and section number
  • College currently attending or have attended
  • Attach an unofficial college transcript to the email


Still have questions?  We are here to help!  Email us at admissions@salemcc.edu or call us at 856.351.2716.



On-campus – These classes have a hands-on component and meet regularly on-campus for the best educational outcomes. Examples include glass courses and some art courses.

Online – These online classes are conducted completely through Canvas (the College’s teaching and online learning system) asynchronously, meaning they have no required regular meeting times. They may have occasional live video conferences, but these will be recorded and available for students to view afterward.

Live Remote/Online – These are online classes are conducted completely through Canvas (the College’s teaching and online learning system), and they have regular required meeting times online (typically using Zoom). The days/times of these online meetings are reflected on the schedule.

Hybrid – These classes will meet on campus at scheduled days/times, but only for hands-on components such as labs. Some on-campus meetings will be replaced by online meetings. Each instructor will communicate with students when a class meeting will take place online rather than on campus. An example is a lab science course.