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Student Success Stories - Charley Ray


Charley Ray is attending Salem Community College on the Dr. Peter B. Contini Scholarship, awarded by the SCVTS Educational Foundation.  She is pictured with SCC President Peter B. Contini.  


Charley Ray has learned early the rewards of dedication, hard work and initiative.

They have all enabled Charley to graduate from the Academy of Biological and Medical Sciences at the Salem County Vocational-Technical Schools (SCVTS) with more than two semesters’ worth of Salem Community College credits under her belt.

With the academy offering the option of taking Salem Community College courses while still attending high school, the Quinton resident got a head start on her college education.  She took several classes including College Chemistry I and II, Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II, General Biology I and II, English Composition and Western Civilization.

“I graduated from the Vo-Tech in 2010 with 34 college credits from Salem Community College, many of which apply to my new major,” she said.

Thus, according to Charley, it seemed a natural progression to step from the classrooms at SCVTS onto the campus of SCC.

A Health Sciences major, she plans to apply to the College’s practical nursing program for the 2011 fall semester with the goal of becoming a pediatric registered nurse, and ultimately a nurse practitioner.

“I love working with children, whether in my family or at my church,” she said. “Combining that with my love for the sciences made me choose to become a nurse.  I want to make a difference.”

At SCC, Charley has the honor of serving on the President’s Council, a group of about a dozen representatives of the College community, and receiving the Dr. Peter B. Contini Scholarship, awarded by the SCVTS Educational Foundation.

“Dr. Contini truly does inspire me,” Charley said. “Being on the President’s Council, I have gotten to know a bit more of his background and the great things he has done for Salem Community College.  He has shown me that all it takes is some initiative to get a job done, and a job done well.”

Charley said she was surprised and honored to receive the scholarship.  She’s also glad she chose SCC, although she was accepted into the nursing program at Messiah College.

“After considering the amount of credits I had earned through the Vo-Tech’s dual-credit program with SCC, and the simple fact that SCC offered a great nursing program, I chose to attend SCC.”