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Payment Options

Payment Plans - Easy and Convenient!

Payment plans provide students with the option to spread their bill over a 5-month period in the fall and spring. There is also a 3-month plan available for students attending our summer semester. To enroll in a payment plan, log into Cashnet. Detailed instructions are provided here. If interested in enrolling in a payment plan, it is highly recommended that you register for classes BEFORE the first installment date. If you register after the first installment date, you will be responsible for all past installments at the time of enrollment in the plan, as well as all future installments.

Enrollment Fee: $30 for each plan enrolled

Late Payment Fee: $35 for each late payment


Fall - Payments are 20% of total balance owed

First Payment Due: July 15
Second Payment Due: August 15
Third Payment Due: September 15
Fourth Payment Due: October 15
Fifth Payment Due: November 15


Spring – Payments are 20% of total balance owed

First Payment Due: December 15
Second Payment Due: January 15
Third Payment Due: February 15
Fourth Payment Due: March 15
Fifth Payment Due: April 15


Summer – Payments are 33% of total balance owed

First Payment Due: April 15
Second Payment Due: May 15
Third Payment Due: June 15


Salem Community College offers both online and in-person payment. Cash/money order payments can only be accepted in-person at the Student Accounts payment window. The payment window is located in the Student Union in Donaghay Hall.

Through our online portal, Cashnet, you can pay using the following methods:

  • Bank account using your routing and account number
  • Credit card (Visa/Mastercard/American Express/Discover*)
  • Enrollment in a payment plan

To make a payment online, log into the Cashnet portal. Detailed instructions can be found here.
*Discover is only accepted online and not through the in-person payment window

ELECTRONIC REFUNDS - The Fastest Way to Receive Your Refund!

Salem Community College offers its students the option to receive their refunds deposited directly into their bank account (eRefund). This is the fastest way to receive your refund. eRefunds are typically available within 24 – 48 hours whereas checks typically take 3 days or more to clear at the bank.

Enrollment in eRefund is done through the Cashnet portal. Detailed instructions can be found here.


Salem Community College offers students the option to set up parent access (Parent PIN) to their financial accounts. This feature can be used to provide a designated person the ability to pay your bill online. It will not grant the designated person access to grades or any other personal information.

Setting up a Parent PIN is done through the Cashnet portal. Detailed instructions can be found here.

AUTOPAY - Set it and Forget it!

AutoPay is an optional service that allows students to set up automatic payments when enrolled in a payment plan. Payments will be automatically withdrawn from your bank account on their due dates.

AutoPay is set up using the Cashnet portal. However, you must first enroll in a payment plan. Payment plan instructions can be found here. Once enrolled, you can set up AutoPay. Detailed instructions for setting up AutoPay can be found here.