Agriculture Agribusiness

Associate in Applied Science

Students are prepared to manage farms and market agriculture products. Upon successfully completing this program, students should be able to:

  • demonstrate proficiency in written and oral skills in
  • communicating as an agribusiness manager;
  • demonstrate agribusiness skills in free market and global economies;
  • demonstrate the ability to retrieve and critically
  • evaluate information from a variety of sources in agribusiness;
  • research, develop, organize and write a business
  • plan for an agribusiness enterprise; and
  • demonstrate readiness for employment in the field of agribusiness.


Explore careers, salaries, and local opportunities


First Semester (at Salem Community College)

  • ACC 121 Principles of Accounting I
  • BIO 101 General Biology I
  • BUS 102 Introduction to Business
  • ENG 101 English Composition I
  • Humanities Elective


Second Semester (at Salem Community College)

  • BUS 103 Principles of Management
  • ENG 102 English Composition II
  • MAT 137 College Algebra (or higher-level MAT)
  • Cultural and Global Awareness Elective
  • Social Science Elective


Summer (at Cumberland County College)

  • AG 207 Agriculture Pest Control


Third Semester (at Cumberland County College)

  • AG 105 Introduction to Agricuiture Science
  • AG 201 Agriculture Marketing
  • CH 201 General Chemistry I
  • OH 201 Introduction to Soil Science


Fourth Semester (at Cumberland County College)

  • OH 103 Plant Science
  • OH 104 Plant Propagation
  • OH 109 Research/Internship
  • Program Elective
  • Program Elective