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How Are You Spending Your Extra Hour?

Have you ever questioned the concept of Daylight Savings Time?  Many years ago, my father told me that Daylight Savings made our days longer.  As a kid, what the Old Man said was gospel.

The Future is Now

There is a Chinese proverb – The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.  The second best time is today.  We all have a tendency to push certain tasks into the future, not because we dismiss their importance, but we are not ready to deal with them today.

Campus Safety

The College is a center of learning facilitated by a free exchange of ideas and differentiated thinking.  Intellectual debate is encouraged and nurtured.  We work to convey our point while respectfully working to understand an opposing view on a topic.  Our campus is a place of friendship, collegiality, and good will.

In Regard to December 16th Lockdown

At approximately 6PM Wednesday, an SCC student made a verbal threat of injury and harm to other students in a classroom, and then left the campus.  The threat was reported to the instructor and Public Safety.  At that time, the Carney’s Point Police were notified and responded to the scene, placing the college in a lockdown status.

Customer Service Survey

During our recent campus-wide in-service, we conducted a mini-workshop dealing with customer service.  In association with this workshop we administered a customer service survey.  The instrument was divided in eight domains – instruction, support, registration, student finances, student activities, safety, facilities, and technology.

The Mighty Oak

Being an Oak?

A Journey of 1000 Miles Begins with a Single Step

My high school Latin teacher attributed the expression, “A journey of a thousand miles begins but with a single step,” to Julius Caesar.  To be honest, I imagine there was an erudite Egyptian or a well versed cave man who just as easily could have come up with this dynamic quote.