Another Chance

As this Blog is composed, autumn is still a month away. At least officially, it’s a month away. The truth of the matter is that autumn arrives, for me, that first August evening where the temperatures dip into the 50s, the humidity evaporates, the clouds form a reddish mosaic at sunset, and the air takes on a texture announcing an imminent change. While this may only be a hint of what lay ahead, it is enough to inspire.

Summer is for sunshine, spring is for flowers, winter is for snow, but fall is time for school. If you remember back to the days of your youth, late August was punctuated by a trip to the local department store (or mall, depending upon your age) for new pants, shirts, maybe even shoes. Your “school clothes” would likely become your “play clothes” a year or so later, so you had to buy big. Also, we had the opportunity to buy some school supplies. Is there anything more exciting than a new “big person’s” pencil case? How about a Superman or Scooby Doo lunch box? New clothes, new school supplies, and a new opportunity.

It has been my good fortune to be getting ready for school every August since 1957, the year I entered kindergarten. Save the calculations – I am 71.  Life has been very good to me and I have the good fortune of getting ready for another school year.

Traditionally, we look at spring as a time of rebirth with flowers in bloom and trees adorned with leaves. However, for those of us in the education field, rebirth is every fall.  You see, we get a “do over” every September. While we don’t outrun last year and its implications, we do get a chance at a relatively clean slate. At times, I liken it to being part of a National Football League franchise. They get to start over every year.

Coming into this fall, make the most of every learning opportunity. Look at every challenge as a test you can ace. Make certain you are pushing yourself to be the best possible you. If you can be your best self, I promise to be mine. Savor the newness of another school year.  Make it your best year yet.