Canadian hot shop owners accept presidential invite to IFC

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Canadian hot shop owners accept presidential invite to IFC

Chalk it up to the importance of always carrying a few business cards.  That’s also true when traveling internationally and especially for SCC employees visiting a glass business.

While vacationing in Old Quebec City last July, President Mike Gorman stopped by Three Crow Glass Studio. Although the hot shop owners Christina Mayr and Jeff Ferrier were not there, he left his card and invited them as his guests to the 2023 IFC, March 17-19.

“When Christina emailed me that they were looking to take me up on the offer, I was overjoyed,” recalled Gorman.  “They had such a nice shop with some intriguing pieces, and it was evident that they and their staff would benefit from the IFC.  Extending the invitation was the least I could do.  Now we have Canadian friends as well.”  

On the IFC's final day, fellow Canadian Patrick Tetreault introduced Christina and Jeff to SCC Director of Public Relations Bill Clark.  Christina asked Clark, "Do you know Michael Gorman?" Well, yes, he replied. Luckily, Gorman was on campus and promptly arrived at the Samuel and Jean Jones Glass Education Center to meet the couple. 

Christina said Gorman’s invitation was a “catalyst” to attend their first IFC, which this year drew a record 350+ attendees.  “We've been aware of the IFC for some years,” she continued.  “We've been meeting graduates from your program at craft shows for years.

“We attended the IFC with the specific mindset of expecting the unexpected,” said Christina.  “As furnace workers, we were stepping into foreign territory. We hoped to expand our horizon but we were especially looking for those small keys that unlock a different optic on our own familiar landscape. We did have some immediate ‘Ah-ha!’ moments but we will also reap the benefits of our visit in the medium and long term.”