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MLA Style Guidelines

Salem Community College MLA Style Guide

For complete and always up-to-date information on the MLA style, please visit the MLA Style Guide website at https://style.mla.org/


Another great resource is the Purdue Online Writing Lab.


There are also writing guides available in the SCC Library. 



It is necessary to include in-text citations which are further detailed in a Works Cited page.

Below are basic examples of the most common citations. Please note that more complex references are handled differently, links to these are provided at the end of the page.


In-Text Documentation

By including a reference in-text, writers alert their readers that a specific piece of information has been pulled from a source. 

An author includes cited information by quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing. Each source is also named either within the phrase, or in parentheses at the end. 

If the source author is named within the phrase, only page numbers are included in parentheses at the end. If the author is not named, both author and page number must be included.

Within phrase:

 David Thelen writes that students have felt disconnected from history since 1916 (156).


As early as 1916, students have felt disconnected by the schoolroom idea of learning chronological facts (Thelen, 156).

Possible Complications:

- Two or more works by the same author                                          - Encyclopedia or Dictionary

- Authors who share a last name                                                       - Legal and historical documents

- Two or more authors                                                                      - Sacred text

- Organization or government as author                                           - Multi-volume source

- Author unknown                                                                            - Two or more works cited together

- Literary works with multiple editions                                             - Source quoted by another source

- Work in an anthology                                                                    - Work without page numbers

- One-page article or citing an entire work


Purdue OWL has provided a great resource for how to deal with complexities of in-text citations.


Works Cited

Key information needed for a Works Cited list is as follows: 

- Author

- Title of source

- Title of anthology, website, journal, magazine, database, etc. *

- Editor, translator, director, or contributor*

- Version, volume, and/or issue number*

- Publisher or sponsor

- Date of publication

- Location of source, such as page number, DOI, URL, permalink, etc.

          * If applicable 


How to cite some of the most common sources on a Works Cited page:


Author’s last name, first name. Title. Publisher, Date.


Baldwin, Neil. Edison: Inventing the Century. Hyperion, 1995.


Author and Editor or Translator

Author’s Last Name, First Name. Title. Role by First and Last names, Publisher, Date.


Austen, Jane. Emma. Edited by Stephen M. Parrish, W. W. Norton, 2000.


Print Magazine Article 

Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Name of Magazine, Date, Pages.


Neyfakh, Leon. “The Future of Getting Arrested.” The Atlantic, Jan.-Feb. 2015, pp. 26-2.


Online Magazine Article 

Author’s Last Name, First Name. “Title of Article.” Name of Magazine, Date on web, Pages (if 

any), URL. Accessed by Day Month Year.


Thelen, David. “Learning from the Past: Individual Experience and Re-Enactment.” Indiana 

Magazine of History. Vol 99, Issue 2: June 2003, 155-171.

https://scholarworks.iu.edu /journals/index.php/imh/article/view/11990/17687.

4 Dec 2017.


Journal Article Accessed Through a Database

Author’s Last Name, First Name (if any). “Title of Article.” Name of Periodical, Volume, Issue, 

Date, Pages. Name of Database, DOI or URL. Accessed Day Month Year.


Gill, Maninder Singh. “A single Ingredient for Primary Glass Production: Reassessing Traditional 

Glass Manufacture in Northern India.” Journal of Glass Studies, Vol. 59, Jan 2017, pp. 249-259. Art Full Text (H.W. Wilson),

http://web.a.ebscohost.com /ehost/detail/detail?vid=18&sid=958bdfe2-46a4-4b9f-921c-

b5046c895dc0%40sessionmgr4009&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=aft&AN=125672622. 16 Feb 2018. 



*** Please note that a direct copy from EBSCOhost does not include proper formatting according to the current edition (8th) published in 2016, and does not include the date of access.


Purdue OWL also has a great resource for citing other common sources.