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Basic Rules

1. Bibliography page should be titled as "Works Cited." (Do not use quotation marks)

2. Sources are listed alphabetically by author's last name. If no author then by title.

3. Use initials for an author, creator, or editor's first name.

4. All additional lines for each citation listed should be indented to the fifth letter of the first line. (Not shown on this Web page).

5. Do not double space entries on "Works Cited."

6. If no date is given use (n.d.).



  • Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: Two copies are located in the library under call number REF BF76.7 .P83 2001 (Reference only; does not circulate).



with no author

Illegal immigration: A reference handbook. (2007). Santa       aaaBarbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, Inc.

with one author

LeMay, M. C. (2007). Illegal immigration: A reference handbook. Santa aaaaBarbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, Inc.

with two authors

Jones, R. S. & Patterson, J. P. (2008). A history of the Roman Empire. aaaaNew York, NY: History Publications, Inc.

with three authors

Jones, R. S., Patterson, J. P., & Sanderson, M. (2008). A new history of the aaaaRoman Empire. London, England: Royal Publications, Inc.

edited book

Andrews, C. (Ed.). (2008). Issues in nursing today. New York, NY: Medical aaaaPublications, Inc.

an e-Book

Shaver, B. (2011). Moving the eye through 2-D Design. Retrieved from                             10432132    

  • If more than six authors, then after the sixth author use: "Smith, J., et al."
  • When listing multiple authors, put them in alphabetical order by last name.
  • Major cities such as New York, Chicago, London, and Paris do not need to be followed by state or country initials.
  • Use these author rules for all other citation entries.



Anderson, K. (2007, March 19). 1848: When America came of age. Time, aaaa44(12), 72-74.


Database Articles

Rahdert, M. C. (2007, February 2). Of personality and principal: 'The aaaaSupreme Court'.Chronicle of Higher Education, 53(2), 14-15. aaaaRetrieved from Academic Search Premier.



Dunham, W. (2007, March 15). Immense ice deposit found at south pole aaaaof Mars. Retrieved from                     /ts_nm/mars_water_dc 

an online encyclopedia (*From

Plagiarism. (2004, July 22). In Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. aaaaRetrieved from

  • If no author or creator can be found, start with title then date of publication or last update.



Winter, J. (Producer), & Noyce, P. (Director). (2003). Rabbit-proof fence aaaa[Motion Picture]. United States: Miramax.

Films Media Group. (2009). Catholicism: The Unpredictable Rise of aaaaRome. [Video file]. Films on Demand. Retrieved from aa    aaaa aaaa=44763                           


entire Encyclopedia or Dictionary

Lee, S. (Ed.). (2007). The Encyclopedia of the Middle East (5th ed., Vols. aaaa1-5). London,England Royal Publications, Inc.

entry in an encyclopedia

Marks, S. (2008). Leonard Euler. In Great mathematicians in history (Vol. aaaa2, pp. 201-203). New York, NY: Learning Publications, Inc.


Newspaper Articles

with no author

Local town parade to be held on September 4th. (2008, July 15). Today's aaaaSunbeam, p. A9

with one author

Grant, M. J. (2008, December 5). Local high school football team wins aaaaarea championship. The New Journal, p. C4, C7.

letter to the editor

Smith, A. (2008, March 4). How to improve roads in today's economy aaaaa[Letter to the editor]. Philadelphia Inquirer, p. A13.



  • Interviews are not to be listed on your "Works Cited" page. Use parenthical citations for referencing an interview. (See example below.)

Assemblywoman Margaret Smith said that she would not vote on the bill to raise state income tax in 2010 (M. Smth, personal communication, March 4, 2008).


In text citation (Parenthetical citation)

  • When stating information, facts, figures, or someone else's opinion from a source in the text of a research paper use a parenthetical citation to protect yourself from plagiarism. (See example below.)

General Patton moved his advancing 3rd Army north to relieve the American troops surrounded at Bastogne (McAdams, 2007, p. 325).





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