Survey Research

Survey Research

SCC has an "approval process" for survey research, in addition to the subject protection requirements of the Institutional Review Board. If you are contemplating a survey of any College population, be sure to discuss your survey with Institutional Research and Planning.

Communication is one of the most powerful tools to avoid over-surveying our populations and wasting their time and good will with duplicative questions! This web site serves as a starting point for such communication by maintaining a list of current surveys.


To submit your survey idea for approval, submit a Web Helpdesk Request and include the following information:

Survey Name

Research Question - what is the primary question you are trying to answer?

Sponsor - What person or group on campus requires the survey?

Timing - When do you plan to administer the survey?

Population - Who will be surveyed?

Description - Write a brief description of your survey.

Contact - Who should be contacted with questions about the survey?



Participating in this communication effort is extremely important! It benefits both those conducting and those receiving surveys if we do our survey research in a coordinated way.

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