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Outcomes Assessment Committee

Student learning outcomes assessment is an integral part of SCC's mission to provide excellent learning opportunities for students. With this in mind, outcomes assessment cannot be a meaningful part of student learning without the participation and ownership of faculty. Over the last decade, the College has made great strides in developing and implementing a college-wide assessment plan. The effort is led by the Outcomes Assessment Committee (OAC), which was formed in 2005. The OAC's membership includes faculty members, staff, and administrators who provide strong leadership by ensuring that student learning outcomes assessment remains a faculty-driven process.


OAC Agendas and Minutes

OAC meetings are held monthly. Agendas and minutes from OAC meetings are shared with the administration through the College Coordinating Committee. Agendas and minutes are stored on SCC's Office 365.


OAC Goals

The OAC will continue to focus on the implementation of a comprehensive plan that incorporates general education, program, and course-level assessment. The Committee has identified the following priorities at the center of its mission: 

  1. Continue to improve communication about outcomes assessment efforts to the entire college community.
  2. Provide stimulating and meaningful professional development opportunities on assessment for full and part-time faculty members.
  3. Validate the content and quality of assessment tools through faculty peer review.
  4. Assess the overall process of student learning outcomes assessment.
  5. Collaborate with IRP&E to explore new technologies for efficient data collection and analysis.