Grant Administration

The following steps are required to gain approval to develop a proposal for internal and/or external grant funding. The process is designed to ensure all proposed projects are consistent with identified Salem Community College priorities and that they will have institutional support and resources, if applicable, for success.


For internal projects:

  1. Work with colleagues on your project team to develop a one or two page concept description and a draft budget for your proposed project.
  2. Review your concept and budget with Institutional Research Planning & Effectiveness (IRP&E).
  3. Discuss the concept and budget with your department and any other department that might be impacted by the project. Involvement of colleagues is especially important at this stage to ensure their buy-in and their insights.
  4. Obtain relevant department head signature(s) on the Request to Develop form. Be sure your concept and budget are attached. Return the approved request package to IRP&E.
  5. IRP&E will then submit the request to the appropriate Dean, and if approved, to the Executive Council for its institutional review. The Executive Council includes the Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Enrollment, Chief Academic Officer and the President.
  6. The Executive Team will review and provide recommendations. Formal proposal development will proceed with Executive Council approval.


For external projects:

  1. Complete the grant application.
  2. Follow steps 4, 5 and 6 above.


A copy of all grant (internal & external) requests will be filed in the IRP&E office.

Mon, 06/12/2017 - 1:48pm