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Grant Administration

The Office of Grants Management at Salem Community College is a resource for the College and assists faculty, staff and administration in identifying and procuring federal, state, county and in some cases foundation grant opportunities that support the strategic plan and advance the mission of the college.  The funding obtained from the grants, may be utilized to supplement existing academic, student and college resources, as well as to allow for innovation program development and research.    

The role of the Director of Grants Management is to provide assistance and direction for programs funded by federal, state, and private funds.  

Essential tasks:

  • Ensure compliance with the rules and regulations administered by the grantor;
  • Oversee audits by the grantor;
  • Assist with preparation and timely submission of grant applications and reports, development and adjustment of associated budgets, coordination of budged funds, screening and processing requests for expenditures and ensuring the timely application for reimbursement from the state.;
  • Serve as the liaison with all departments on issues regarding the grants;
  • Monitor interventions and programs funded by grants to ensure compliance and grantor guidelines;
  • Assign certain grants and/or related responsibilities to individual budget analysts and coordinate their activities related to the grants assigned;
  • Assist in evaluating the fiscal administration of grant programs.


The individual seeking the grant is the proposer/grantseeker.  Once a suitable grant is found, the proposer/grantseeker becomes the grant writer.  The Director of Grants Management may assist the proposer/grantseeker with the application guidelines, resources, data, budget, etc.  However, the proposer/grantseeker is the expert and can develop the proposal with the knowledge and skill needed to tell a compelling story and methodically describe the need.     

Anyone seeking grant opportunities should start by answering these questions:

  1. Does the proposal fit the college mission and vision?  Does it align with the Strategic Plan?
  2. Is there a clear and documented need (community and/or internal)?
  3. Does the organization have sufficient staff in place to ensure it can deliver on its stated goals and objectives?  Can it do what it promises?
  4. Does the College have the resources – i.e. space, renovations, IT resources, other personnel, partner matching funds, etc. to meet the goals and objectives of the grant request?
  5. Is the organizational leadership prepared to do what it takes to meet the requirements that come with receiving grant funding, which may include producing quarterly, semiannual, or annual progress reports; conducting ongoing program evaluation; participating in special training; and attending conferences and meetings?  Meeting grant expectations might also include expanding its services, increasing office space, and supporting staff expansion.
  6. Is there a cost sharing or matching?  If yes, can the College provide funds, in-kind contributions, or a combination of both, from sources other than funds provided through the grant?   
  7. If applying via Grants.gov, does the proposer/organization have a full understanding how to manipulate the website and complete all necessary forms?
  8. How will the College effectively sustain the project?
  9. Are there enough staff to effectively develop a strong and credible proposal.  Who will write the proposal? 


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