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HR Mission Statement

Welcome to the Department of Human Resources at Salem Community College. The Human Resources Department is committed to providing our employees with a stable working and learning environment with equal opportunity and personal growth. With a positive direction in partnering with our greatest asset, our employees, Salem Community College‚Äôs Human Resources Department is committed to furnishing the college community with a comprehensive, supportive human resources experience.  We are committed to bringing the highest standards in employee development, support, and confidentiality with a focus on delivering exceptional quality of services that align with the mission, vision, and goals of Salem Community College.

As an educational institution bound on broadening the diversity of our employee and student body, we promise to promote and recruit the best qualified people, recognizing and encouraging the value of diversity within our workplace. We strive to provide a safe and healthy campus and work environment, securing a long-term and family-oriented workplace and community while effectively communicating sound policies, rules and practices that treat our employees with dignity and equality.