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Pushing the boundaries with creative ideas

Glass Art Program

The Glass Art program introduces a multitude of glassmaking processes for glass art students to discover the techniques that best serve their creative ideas. Students learn mold-making, glass casting, fusing and slumping, hot glassblowing, lampworking, and cold-construction techniques.

The program emphasizes the lineage of glass-art making, while at the same time, glass art students are asked to push the boundaries of the material as they see fit.

The program emphasizes other disciplinary studies through strong two-dimensional and three-dimensional design courses, art history, and portfolio and professional practice development. SCC Glass Art students develop a strong ability to think and speak critically about glass art through critical in-class discussions, and museum and gallery visits.

Students are encouraged to participate in exhibition opportunities and activities such as SCC‘s International Flameworking Conference and the SCC Glass Club.

Glass Art Curriculum


Student Profile

Caitlin Hayes
Caitlin Hayes
Class of 2009

The teachers at Salem taught me everything I know about glass, from the first day of how to simply turn on a torch to the present day of how to get my work out there in the art community.

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