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Glass Art Program

Glass: Applied Craft & Design
The Associate in Fine Arts (A.F.A.) program in Glass: Applied Craft & Design embraces an approach to design rooted in the history and culture of making. The curriculum provides students with a carefully planned program of study that focuses on exploring contemporary applied craft and design practice, the acquisition of traditional hand skills in varied glassmaking techniques, and complementary studies in art history, digital imaging and professional presentation. The program -- in which design, collaboration, community and creative expression play an integral part -- allows students to see their work develop from initial idea to finished product, under technical and creative guidance.

Glass: Applied Craft and Design Curriculum

Student Profile

Caitlin Hayes
Caitlin Hayes
Class of 2009

The teachers at Salem taught me everything I know about glass, from the first day of how to simply turn on a torch to the present day of how to get my work out there in the art community.

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