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Doug Nixon

Scientific Glass Technology - Class of 1981

Doug Nixon

Doug Nixon, a 1981 graduate of the scientific glass technology program, works at the University of Delaware as glass technologist in the department of chemistry and biochemistry.

What was your next step after graduating from SCC?

Employers were trying to grab up most of the students as quickly as possible. After graduating, I was employed and further trained in scientific glassblowing by Westinghouse Research Center, Kontes-Martin Inc, and H.S. Martin Inc. I was later hired by Litton Engineering Laboratories to program their computerized glassblowing equipment.

What is your present occupation?

In 1988, I returned to “hands-on” glassblowing, and have been employed as the glass technologist for the University of Delaware ever since.

What is your most recent career achievement?

The most recent career achievement would probably be to help justify the expense (and more importantly the space allocation) for a new UD chemistry and biochemistry glassblowing shop. I was able to assist in designing a more user-friendly shop with better work flow.

How did your SCC education help you launch your career?

SCC gave me the essential skills necessary to pursue, and be successful in, scientific glassblowing.

What advice do you offer to prospective students?

Listen, practice and...NEVER assume you know everything!

Anything else you would like to share

Try to maintain a dedicated work ethic and enthusiastic attitude throughout your career.