Salem Community College offers two associate degree programs at the Samuel H. Jones Glass Education Center:

SCC also offers continuing education and personal enrichment courses. Students work in the state-of-the-art Paul J. Stankard Studio & Lab that uses methane from the nearby Salem County landfill as an energy source.


Introducing the Glass Masters Series

Since 2001, SCC has hosted many of the world's most respected artists using the flameworking process.

The College celebrates the featured artists' demonstrations through the Glass Master Series. Visit the SCC YouTube channel to watch all of the videos.


SCC YouTube Channel


  • Investigate new technologies

    Investigate new technologies

  • Explore glassblowing techniques

    Explore glassblowing techniques

  • Build a body of work

    Build a body of work

  • Discover your potential

    Discover your potential

  • Catch the excitement

    Catch the excitement

  • Become a part of the glass community

    Become a part of the glass community

  • Work with world-class artists-in-residence

    Work with world-class artists-in-residence

  • Engage your mind

    Engage your mind