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Salem Community College and the SCC Foundation are indebted to these distinguished members of the glass art community who have graciously shared their talents as featured artists at the International Flameworking Conference.


Check out this video to learn more about the 2017 IFC and view scenes from the 2014-2016 conferences.


2017 International Flameworking Conference

Hold the date: March 24-26, 2017


Conference Chair: Paul J. Stankard


"Interacting with the students and other IFC attendees reminds me of how infectious passion and creativity can be. This energy will carry into my work for a long time. Thank you all."

Eusheen Goines
2016 Featured Artist
Evergreen, Colorado


"I remember the first time I attended the IFC in 2001. It was a very exciting experience as a fledgling glass worker to be able to see the demonstrations of the world's best flameworkers, as well as to have the opportunity to spend time chatting with them and sharing with my peers. I feel that I saw the same excitement and eagerness to learn and share on many of the faces of the young and veteran attendees of this year's event, as what I remember so vividly experiencing 15 years ago. Salem Community College's IFC has consistently provided a great opportunity for learning and sharing of the contemporary world of flameworking and I was honored to have had the opportunity to participate in this year's event. Every time I have attended, I find myself leaving with a fresh intelligence and new found perspectives on the ever-evolving world of flameworked glass."

Kenan Tiemeyer
2016 Presenter
Indian Valley, Virginia


Past Featured Artists:

Eusheen Goines (2016) – U.S.A.

Junichi Kojima & David Willis (2015) – U.S.A.

Joyce J. Scott (2014) - U.S.A.

Karen Willenbrink-Johnsen (2014) - U.S.A.

Vittorio Costantini (2013) - Italy

Jay Musler (2012) - U.S.A.

Laura Donefer & Gianni Toso (2011) – Canada & Italy/U.S.A.

Paul J. Stankard (2010) - U.S.A.

Shane Fero (2009) - U.S.A.

Carmen Lozar (2008) - U.S.A.

Loren Stump (2007) - U.S.A.

Ginny Ruffner (2006) - U.S.A.

Iwao Matsushima (2005) - Japan

Cesare Toffolo (2004) - Italy

Kari Russell-Pool (2003) - U.S.A.

Lucio Bubacco (2002) - Italy

Robert Mickelsen (2001) - U.S.A.