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Excessive absenteeism could result in your benefits being decreased or terminated. The Veterans Affairs Office is kept informed of attendance records, and will take appropriate actions to prevent overpayments by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The reported change posted to the VA will be determined by the date of your last attendance. As outlined by the Department of Veterans Affairs, the date of last attendance is defined as one of the following:

  1. Date officially withdrawn. A Drop/Add form must be submitted to the Registration Department.
  2. Date that you failed to demonstrate satisfactory progress, as defined by the Institution's Standards of Academic Progress.
  3. Definite date of last attendance from instructor's records.
  4. For those classes where attendance is not mandatory, this date will be determined from the last activity date reflected in the instructor's records; either the last paper submitted or the last examination completed.

The Department of Veterans Affairs does not pay for non-punitive grades such as auditing of a course (AU), nor for courses which will not fulfill criteria for graduation in the chosen major. If you anticipate being absent from classes, notify your instructors and discuss the situation with them. It may prevent an excessive absence report from being initiated.