Spring Is For Planting [Ideas]

Though we still have some slivers of snow lurking in some recesses of the nearby woods, and along some roadways, you can tell spring is here.  Not only does the calendar tell us we have hit the Vernal Equinox, but the texture of the air indicates the bite of winter has abated.  Now it is time for spring planting, and spring planning.

You may be agrarian by nature, profession, or just as a hobby.  Personally, I am just a mow-the-lawn kind of a guy.  I leave the flora and fauna to my wife, who enjoys bringing foliage into our home and the surrounding grounds.    My thrill comes with the mow, though I must confess the novelty will wear off after about three weeks.  But this year, I am looking to do more planting than I have done in previous years – planting seeds of ideas.  

New Year’s is a time for resolutions, and by Ground Hog Day we can ask ourselves, “What happened to my New Year’s resolutions?”  But spring is a time when we get invigorated; we feel the sense of growth, prosperity, possibility.  Spring allows us to plant ideas.  What can we do now that is going to change the future?  Just as the corn must be planted in order to be harvested in September, we must plant ideas for future reaping.  

So, where does it start?  Here at SCC we have four initiatives which are “planting” this spring with anticipation of growing into the fall.

  • We have applied to the state, through the necessary channels, to grant a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Scientific Glass Technology.  This is groundbreaking, and we are aggressively pursuing it to move our glass programs to another level.  We are the Harvard of the glass world, and advanced degrees are essential to the field, and we are the best place in North America to see that happen.
  • The Interstate 295 and Turnpike corridor provides a great opportunity in the field of Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution (TLD), often called Supply Chain Management.  In partnership with Union County College in North Jersey, we are establishing a program that will help students obtain the skills and credentials necessary to find a career in TLD.  It’s a natural linkage for our region.  
  • Veterinary Technology seems like a natural for Salem County.  By partnering with Camden County College, we will be looking to initiate a program in September.  This has been explored in the past; however, now that we are exercising a partnership, we believe we can develop a vibrant and successful Vet Tech program of study.
  • The world is moving online and we are going to be part of it.  This fall we look to initiate an “all-online” accounting program.  We are looking for busy professionals who want to either earn an associate degree, obtain a credential, or simply fortify their skills.  Most people working full-time in the business world can’t find the time to engage in an on-campus program.  By going full-time online, we believe we can help people meet their dreams.  

It’s time to plant your idea.  Let us know your plans.

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 1:45pm