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With One More Day I would...

Every four years, we have a presidential election, and, with no correlation, a Leap Day. February 29th only happens once every 1,461 days. That alone should make it something pretty special. So, what are you doing with your February 29th? This year it is even more extraordinary as it comes on a Saturday.

Back on February 29th of 2012, my grandson, Spike (real name Miles), had a special Men’s Night, at his pre-school. Naturally, his father was the first choice, quite logically so, but since he was going to be in Chicago, I was asked to substitute. It was my privilege and I was able to manage my calendar to allow me to participate in this Guy’s Night.

I joked with Spike that it was going to be an evening of “just the guys” playing cards, slurping soda, and smoking cigars (the closer was the one that made it unreal). He explained to me, quite innocently, that we were going to do arts and crafts with beads and sculpture clay to create something emblematic of our relationship. We intended to mold a bowl for M&Ms, which Spike seemed to think we always had available. Unfortunately, Spike’s imagination and my artistic disability rendered a device that was more suitable for cigar butts than it was for M&Ms.

This year, I plan to do something very unique and very special with my “extra day.” With a group of high school buddies, I plan to participate in our annual basketball weekend. For the last decade, we have had the privilege of getting together with basketball as our centerpiece, but friendship and common memories as the focal points.

The reason I raise this is simply to urge you to take some time, perhaps February 29th, to reach out to someone with whom you may have lost contact. Someone who was special in your life at a point in time. A friend of mine has a belief – people are put into our lives and we are put into others’ lives, sometimes for a season, but always for a reason. Connections are important. Processing memories can be very enjoyable, and most of all, you don’t know if someone needs you in their life at this particular moment in time.

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