Much Appreciated Dr. Mulhorn

Salem Community College, and the Salem County educational community, has lost one of its most treasured leaders.  Dr. Willetta Mulhorn passed away recently.  Those who had the privilege of working with Dr. Mulhorn will always remember “Willie” as being fair, consistent, ingenious, and an incredible worker.  For those who didn’t have the opportunity to know Dr. Mulhorn, they are indebted to her every time they access the internet.  It was Dr. Mulhorn who initiated the first broad-band Internet access in Salem County, known as the Willie Net.

It was my good fortune to work with Willie Mulhorn when I was an assistant principal at Woodstown High School and she was our Business Administrator.  Without a doubt, she was the backbone behind the renovation of both the Woodstown Middle School and High School in 1983.  The project was ambitious – a massive upgrade, renovation, and addition, all within a summer.  Planning the project was daunting, but Willie Mulhorn figured it out.  She presented an aggressive construction schedule to get us back in school by Labor Day, something that most said was impossible.  One thing with Willie, nothing was impossible.  We were back in school on time.  

Not only did Willie Mulhorn plan the project, she rolled up her sleeves and assisted in removing the materials that had to be removed from the building to give the construction crews full access.  She demonstrated the mantra – lead by example.  Willie didn’t know any hours; she would work until the job was done.  She wouldn’t accept limits, for she knew we needed to do everything we could for students.  I marveled at her energy, sincerity, work ethic, and scope of understanding.

Dr. Mulhorn had a storied career after Woodstown as the County Superintendent of Schools and eventually Interim President of Salem Community College.  Never would you hear a negative word about her, unless “she works too hard,” can be construed as negative.  When she took over the College, we were in need of dynamic leadership and stability.  She provided it.  If it were not for her, SCC wouldn’t be here today. 

Thank you Dr. Mulhorn.

Thu, 06/22/2017 - 12:35pm