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Do You Have 2020 Vision?

Pretend for a moment that it is December 31, 2020. What do you see? What has the year been for you? What have been the major events in your life as well as those closest to you? Often we start the New Year with resolutions that promptly dissolve. Some of us may carry resolutions into next week, but these are exceptional people.

This year, try something different. Set a goal rather than declare a resolution. Make yourself accountable. Be realistic. You may hold a resolution to eliminate debt in your life. This is fine if you have an income that can cover your bills and your debt but seldom is this the case. You can make a resolution to not incur any further debt, or to pay down part of your debt, citing a number, or a product (mortgage, car loan, credit cards) to eliminate/reduce. You must have a plan to address this goal. It may mean paying an additional $10 a month toward a bill, or reducing/eliminating credit card use, or picking up a second job (or third) earning some extra cash to put toward our bills. A resolution not expressed as a goal is very weak, and a goal without a plan is simply a dream.

But don’t forgo your dreams. They are the stuff that life is made of (forgive my syntax). My dream for New Year’s Eve 2020 is to have seen growth for your Salem Community College. Not just growth, but more students enrolled from the 40% of Salem County’s high school graduates who have no defined life plan. And yes, college is not for everyone, but it is growing more and more difficult to find a career pathway without some post-secondary learning experience, and your Salem Community College is poised to make that dream a reality.

Learning never stops. Knowledge can never be diminished. Education is the key to solving every problem. For those about to graduate from a Salem County high school (and unlikely reading this blog), we will be reaching out this winter and spring to help you find a pathway toward a career, and a happy life. Working a job is labor. Working a career is joy. Education is the key.

So, my resolution for 2020 is to work to engage that 40% of graduating high school students and help them in their life’s journey, defining and achieving a career pathway. Come New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2020, I will be looking back with the satisfaction that we have helped another 300 students -- Salem County citizens -- nurture their potential by enrolling in an SCC program.

Mon, 01/06/2020 - 8:36am