Application and registration fees are not refundable. However, in the event that a course is canceled by the College, all related tuition and fees will be refunded. No tuition or fee refunds will be issued if the student withdraws after the drop/add period. Students on the payment plan must still pay in full after the drop/add period. The tuition and fee refund schedule for non-financial aid students is:

  • 100% of tuition and fees returned for withdrawal before the first day of the semester/session
  • 50% of tuition and fees returned for withdrawal during the drop/add period.


Tuition Credit Appeal Procedure

Submit required forms to the Dean of Student Affairs in Donaghay Hall. The deadline to submit forms is the last day of the semester following the semester for which an appeal is being filed.

  • For fall semester appeals: by the last day of the spring semester
  • For spring semester appeals: by the last day of the summer semester
  • For summer semester appeals: by the last day of the fall semester


Appeals are reviewed by the appropriate deans. Students receive responses in writing to their appeals within two months of submitting all required information. Denied appeals will indicate a reason for the denial. Appeal decisions made by the deans are final.

In extenuating circumstances, a tuition credit appeal may be considered. In which case, complete an appeal form, available in Student Affairs, and provide documentation to explain mitigating circumstances:

If medical/emergency: The documentation must be dated and include the dates that pertain to the medical/emergency. The documentation must be provided on medical/official letterhead and must be an original unless it is a police report or similar document, wherein the original is maintained by the issuing agency.

If death:The documentation should include an original death certificate, an obituary or funeral program. The relationship to the deceased must be clearly indicated in the documentation or the student statement.

If personal: Documentation must clearly indicate the relationship of the issue to the student's inability to attend classes.

If military: Documentation of summons to active duty and a written statement of special consideration must be provided.