Out-of-County Residents

All New Jersey county colleges are tax-supported. For students attending a community college in their home county, the county automatically subsidizes their education. SCC requests all New Jersey, non-Salem County residents to apply to their home county's community college and/or their County Treasurer's Office for chargeback assistance. This chargeback assistance gives SCC authorization to bill each student's home county for its share of the cost of his or her education.

By law, SCC requires students to complete all required chargeback forms. Failure to comply may result in SCC charging the amount owed by a student's home county directly to the student instead.

For a student whose home county college does not offer the courses or curriculum being taken at SCC, the staff at his or her home county college will complete the Chargeback Assistance/Eligibility Form. The student must take this form to the County Treasurer's Office for verification of residency and authorization of payment.

For a student whose home county college does offer the courses or curriculum he or she is taking at SCC, the staff at his or her home county college will complete a Chargeback Refusal Form. This form shows SCC that the student attempted to receive chargeback assistance but was denied. The denial does not affect matriculation at SCC and releases the student from paying additional charges that may be assessed to his or her home county.


Processing an Out-of-County Chargeback

Students must provide their home county college with the following information in order to process a chargeback:

  • Copy of Driver's License
  • Copy of SCC Course Schedule


NOTE: Please contact the person responsible for processing chargebacks at the community college in your residence.


Chargeback Approval - The approval forms from the home county college and County Treasurer's Office must be submitted to Student Accounts by July 31st.

Chargeback Denial - The denial form from the home county college must be submitted to Student Accounts by July 31.


Salem County Residents Attending Another New Jersey Community College

It is the policy of Salem Community College to issue a chargeback to Salem County residents attending another New Jersey community college according to state regulations. Funds that are issued with chargebacks are exchanged between the community college attended by the student and the county. Students do not receive any funds from the chargeback.

If a student is enrolled in a program of study not offered at Salem Community College, then that student is eligible for a chargeback.

In cases where a student is undeclared, chargeback eligibility is based upon the course(s) in which the student is registered. Courses that are not offered at Salem Community College would fall under the eligibility guidelines. Courses cannot have been offered from one year preceding or scheduled to be offered within one year subsequent to the period the student is taking the course.

Students who are registered in foundation courses in two or more basic skills areas (English, reading or math) are not eligible for a chargeback, even if enrolled in a program of study not offered at Salem Community College.

Students requesting the chargeback approval or denial form should provide a copy of their registration form indicating the program of study, courses, credits, and their name and address to SCC Enrollment Services. Students' personal online registration forms and schedules are not acceptable. Students' eligibility or denial paperwork will be mailed to them within one week of submission. Student registrations can be submitted in-person or by mail.


An approval or denial form will be prepared for students, a copy of the form made for College files, and the original mailed to students. If students receive an approval form, then they should take the following to the Office of the Salem County Treasurer, located in the Salem County Administration Building at 94 Market Street, Salem:


    • Original approval form from Salem Community College


    • A copy of their registration form showing their credit load/program of study


  • Proof of residency



Denial forms do not go to the Treasurer's Office. Denial forms should be taken/mailed directly to the students' college where they are taking classes.

Chargeback submission deadlines are as follows:


Fall Semester - September 30th

Spring Semester - January 31st

Summer Semester - July 31st


If you have questions or need more information, contact Student Accounts at 856-351-2625.