Learning Options


Salem Community College has four terms -- Fall, Spring, and two Summer Sessions (Summer I and Summer II) -- in which students can earn credits.. The fall and spring terms are 15 weeks long. Select courses are offered in ten weeks and seven weeks during the fall and spring semesters. Offerings may vary by semester.  

Summer Sessions - The College offers summer courses to allow students to supplement their course work outside of the traditional fall and spring semesters. The summer sessions provide an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their credit earnings and to accelerate degree completion. Each summer session is 5 weeks long. At times, due to the nature of a course, a special section can be offered that will span both summer sessions and will be 10 weeks in length.


Hybrid/Online Courses

SCC also offers both online and hybrid classes in addition to classes taught on campus. Hybrid courses meet on campus weekly, but require students to complete additional instructional activities and coursework online using Canvas, SCC’s learning management system (LMS).

For students who are unable to attend traditional, classroom-based courses, the College offers several online courses each semester. The online courses are asynchronous and may be 15, 10 week or 7 weeks in length. During the summer session, 5 week and 10 week online courses may be offered.

To participate in online and hybrid courses students must have access to an Internet connection and a device (e.g., laptop, notebook). Access to a printer is also helpful for printing out the syllabus or other course materials. Note that students relying exclusively on the use of a mobile device to complete and submit coursework may face significant challenges in downloading course materials and completing assignments (e.g., essays, research papers). While Canvas offers apps for mobile devices, many SCC courses also require access to publisher sites for coursework.  SCC does offer a computer laptop rental program for short term or long term (e.g., semester) borrowing and you may use financial aid. Contact the Michael Cettei Library (note link to Library page) at SCC for more details about the program.

In addition to meeting technology requirements for online courses, students who are considering enrollment in online or hybrid courses should ask themselves if they possess the personal qualities necessary to succeed in these classes.

Many of the skills and practices necessary for success in traditional classes will also serve you well in online and hybrid courses: for example, managing time carefully, keeping course materials organized, and regularly checking the course syllabus to stay on top of assignments and due dates. Bur online and hybrid students must be particularly motivated and proactive in communicating with the instructor about any problems or questions re assignments and participation. 

Student taking online and hybrid courses should expect to spend the same or slightly more time on their coursework than students taking the same course on campus. A good rule of thumb is to plan to spend 2-3 hours of work outside the classroom for every hour in the classroom. You should not expect that an online course will take less time or be an easier course than the same one taken on campus. 

If you have questions about the technology needed to take an online or hybrid course or what it takes to succeed as an online student, please contact the SCC Instructional Technology Specialist.



Do you have what it takes?

As a student enrolled in an online course at Salem Community College, your instructors will expect you to be ready, eager to participate, and learn by interacting with them and your class mates. Online education is flexible, however, it doesn't require the same effort that is expected in a traditional class. You'll be able to fit classes into your schedule, instead of trying to work your schedule around school. Participation is a huge requirement for each course set by SCC and your instructor.

Online students that possess the following qualities typically do very well in their courses:

Actively involved in the course(s) you take.

Highly motivated.







You don't need to be a computer expert, but you will need regular and dependable access to a computer with Internet access, supported software and applicable plug-ins. Your instructor will provide more detailed information regarding technical requirements for the course.


Interested in Online Learning at Salem Community College?

As a student enrolled in an online course at Salem Community College, your computer – and any computer you can use to access the Internet – becomes your virtual classroom. All of your course lectures will be delivered completely online, and our courses are designed to maximize interactivity and appeal to a variety of learning styles through audio and visual elements.

Your instructors will assign readings, quizzes, tests and writing assignments, all of which you’ll complete and submit online. You will also participate in online discussions regarding course material with your classmates, and you’ll always be able to contact your instructor online if you have questions or need guidance.

For more information about online learning, please contact the Admissions Office at 856.351.2716.


Independent Study

A request for an independent study is considered when the student is graduating after the nest semester, submits their request at least 30 days prior to the start of classes, and needs a course that is not offered that semester.

The course requested must be one that, in the opinion of the faculty member and the Dean of Academic Affairs, can be learned effectively via independent study.

An independent study requires an agreement between an instructor and a student, whereby the student agrees to achieve the objectives of a specific course primarily through his or her own activities apart from a regular schedule of class meetings.

Students requesting an independent study must submit their requests to the Dean of Academic Affairs. If the request is approved and a faculty member is available, an Academic Affairs representative will contact the student who is then responsible for completing the independent study contract.