Returning Student Advising


If I am a RETURNING student and want to register for courses

what do I need to do?

  • Returning students should meet with a faculty advisor to review course selections prior to registration. Log-in to the SCC Portal to find your advisor: Click on the link “View Schedule” in the middle of the page, scroll to the bottom of your schedule and view your advisor’s name. Contact Student Affairs at 856.351.2716 with any additional questions.
  • Visit your faculty advisor’s office to sign up for an appointment. (See office locations below)
  • Students in special programs:  EOF, NJ STARS, Veterans, etc. need to meet with both their faculty advisor and designated Student Affairs advisor. It is very important for students to meet with their advisor the semester prior to graduation to make sure all requirements have been met.
  • Advising for the summer and fall semesters begins in March and registration begins in April.
  • Advising for the spring semester begins in October and registration begins in November.


Faculty Office Locations


Dennis Briening - Glass Education Center, Room 106, Ext. 2235

Michael Burbine - Donaghay 214, Ext. 2647

Maura Cavanagh Dick - Contini 111A, Ext. 2754

David Corrigan - Contini 124, Ext. 2668

Dr. Gerard Cronin - Contini 111C, Ext. 2730

Karen Jones - Contini 111B, Ext. 2737

Dr. Susan Keinan - Donaghay 210A, Ext. 2745

Dr. Nancy Lee - Donaghay 218, Ext. 2746

Jenna Lucente, Contini 128, Ext. 2675

Jennifer Martin - Donaghay 210B, Ext. 2660

Karen Mattison - Contini 126, Ext. 2672

William Mays - Contini 205, Ext. 2766

Kathleen Polimeni - Contini 207, Ext. 2734

Brenda Quinn - Contini 107,  Ext. 2743

Reginald Smith - Contini 111D, Ext. 2646

Howard Valentine - Donaghay 212, Ext. 2663